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2022 spring band concert   |   04/09/2022

2021 Classical Concert   |   11/06/2021

2021 Fall Band Concert   |   10/21/2021

2020 Band Ensemble Class   |   01/28/2020

2019 Christmas Tree Lighting   |   11/30/2019

Christmas Tree Lighting 2019.
CJC music school student bands play this Christmas town ceremony.
1) Highway Star by Deep Purple
2) Happy X-mas by John Lennon
3) Sunshine of your love by Cream
4) You are my sunshine

2019 Classical Concert   |   10/18/2019

Classical Concert 2019
Sun Dec 15. 2019
1st Show 3:30 PM,
2nd Show 5:00 PM

2019 Spring Band Concert   |   05/15/2019

June 9th. Sunday 5:30 PM
Closter Memorial Field
Free Admission

Summer Camp 2019 Poster   |   01/09/2019

2018 Classical Concert   |   01/09/2019

2018 Classical Concert   |   01/09/2019

2018 CJC Plays The Beatles   |   02/23/2018

CJC Plays The Beatles 2018

2017 Classical Concert   |   10/20/2017

Classical Concert 2017

2017 Teacher's concert   |   10/20/2017

Teacher's concert 2017

2017 Spring Band Concert   |   06/09/2017

Spring Band Concert 2017

Spring Band Concert 2017   |   06/09/2017

[Students Players List]
1) Rock & Roll
Ayeena Lvova (Key), Zohar Nahum (Key), Daniella AL (Key), Salvador Descastro (Dr) ,Philip Kim (Dr)

2) Canon Rock in D
Oleg Ivlev (Key), Shir Eilam (Key), Sam Lee (E. Gt), Matthew Boyle (E. Gt), Jeewon Ahn (E. Bass). Joshua Lee (Dr), Hoon Jung (Dr)

3) Grenade
Jennifer Kim (Vocal / Key), Nathan Chung (Key), Andrea Lee (E. Gt), Isaac Kim (E. Bass), Landon Galluccio (Dr), Isaac Chung (Dr)

4) Black Magic Woman
Daniel Lim (Key), Eric Seo (E. Gt), Isaac Kim (E. Gt), Paul Jeong (E. Bass), Jeffery Lim (Dr), Eric Han (Dr)

5) Hotel California
Aryan Balodi (Key), Dylan Mundy (Key), Peter Do (E. Gt), Eric Seo (E. Gt), Paul Jeong (E. Bass), Eric Yoon (Dr)

6) Baby Elephant Walk
Hayden Lim (Clar), Janice Choi (Fl), Dillon Kim (Key), Alex An (Key), Sean Rosenberg (Dr), Matthew Choi (Dr)

7) Happy
Kevin Woo (Vocal), Sally Chung (Key), Christian Kim (Tpt). Tomer Cohen (Alto Saxo), Emily Kim (Clar), Hayden Lim (Clar), Caroline Kim (Fl), Jeewon Ahn (E. Bass), Jacob Park (Dr), Matthew Choi (Dr)

8) I don't Wanna Live Forever
Kevin Woo (Com. Programmer), Nevaeh Galluccio (vocal / Key), Hannah Kim (Key), , Jacob Park (E. Bass), Joshua Lee (Dr)

9) For Eilze
Natalie Khawaja (Key), EunBee Pak(Key), Ryan Lim(Key), Matthew Kwon(E. Bass), Seoyoung Shin(Dr)


[Teachers Players List]
10) I don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith
Ryan Flannery (Guitar, Vocal) - solo

11) Blessed Assurance - Arranged by Sung Hern Chung
Sung Hern Chung (Key), Myungmin Kim(Gt), Charlie Dougherty(A. Bass), Thomas D'eVinko(Dr)

Annoucement of Classical Concert 2017   |   12/13/2016

Concert 2017
Classical Concert 2017
This is the time of the year again. The CJC Music School will present the Classical Concert in January 2017. Our classical concert provides an opportunity for students to display how far their musical pursuits have come. In addition, students are exposed to the performance experience which is critical in their development. In preparation for such performances, students often show even more motivation towards practice. This year¡¯s classical concert will be held on Sun. Jan. 29, 2017 at 5:00 PM at the Concert Hall, NV Factory, 400 Sylvan Ave. Suite 100, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Concert Fee:
For all participating students, attending fee is $60.
If more than one sibling attends the concert, the attending fee for the second student will be $50. Attending Fee is due by Dec. 24.
(Attending fee will be used for concert hall rent, trophies, concert poster production, and Etc).

Concert Attire:
Girls: A dress or a formal skirt of full length dress slacks with blouse or sweater and dress shoes. Dresses and skirts should cover the knees when seated.
Boys: A suit or dress pants and dress shirt, sweater or sport coat. Ties are optional.

2017 Classical Concert   |   12/13/2016

Classical Concert 2017

2016 STUDENT BAND CONCERT   |   05/03/2016


CJC Band Spring Concert 2016   |   03/28/2016

The CJC Music School will open our biggest event, the Band Spring Concert. As many people know, our Music School is mainly focused on Band Ensemble. Through their lessons, it is time for the kids to show everyone what they have learned by participating and joining in the band. This year¡¯s Band Spring Concert will be held on Sun. June 12, 2016 at 5:00 PM at the Calvary Church, 138 W Palisades Ave. Englewood, NJ.

The teachers and the faculties from CJC Music School have put in passion and effort to prepare the Band Spring Concert, and the students followed their instructors and teachers to show improvement towards their talent.

We thank the parents for encouraging your children to build up their experience towards music,and because of your effort, your children will show how much effort they have put into through this year concert.

The following are the Concert plan:


There will be a director for the each band. The purpose of the director is for the band to have a high quality and reassure the band. The directors will have the responsibility for their own band. We will have 3 rehearsals with the whole group and their directors. Each rehearsal will be held from the 2nd week of May. Students MUST participate in rehearsal.

- Date: June 12, 2016, Sunday
- Time: 5:00 to 6:20 PM
- Total Attending Fee: $95 (registration fee $35 + Rehearsal Fee $60)
The rehearsal fee will not necessarily correspond to the number of rehearsals taken.
Sibling discount: $85 for the second kid and the total for 2 kids is $180.
Attending fee will be used for concert hall rent, photographer, T-Shirt order,
Production, Reception & Etc)
Attending Fee is due by Apr. 12, 2016
- Place: Great Lord Church, 138 W. Palisades Ave. Englewood, NJ 07631
- Dress Code: We will provide the t-shirts before the concert begins. Students are towear
blue jeans.

2016 Classical Concert   |   12/17/2015

2016 Classical Concert



2015 Spring Concert   |   12/01/2015

2015 Spring Concert

2015 Celebrating 10 Years Conert   |   12/01/2015

2015 Celebrating 10 Years Conert

2014 Spring Band Concert   |   12/01/2015

2014 Spring Band Concert
Farewell Chris & Juan

2013 Spring Band Concert   |   12/01/2015

2013 Spring Band Concert

2013 Senior Center Visit Program   |   12/01/2015

2013 Senior Center Visit Program

2013 Classical Concert   |   12/01/2015

2013 Classical Conert

2012 Band Spring Concert   |   12/01/2015

2012 Band Spring Concert

2012 CJC Band Spring Concert   |   12/01/2015

2012 CJC Band Spring Concert

2011 Student Band Concert   |   12/01/2015

2011 Student Band Concert
Performance by Students from CJC Music School

2010 Spring Concert   |   12/01/2015

2010 Spring Concert

2010 Palisades Park Street Fair   |   12/01/2015

Palisades Park Street Fair

Special Guest Students Bands
Electirc Guitar: Christophoer Robert, Daniel Shim, Chris Lee
Keyboard: Samuel Choi, Caitlin Byoun
Bass Guitar: Stephen Hong
Drums: John Lee, Joey Oh

2009 Student Spring Concert   |   12/01/2015

2009 Student Spring Concert

2009 Solo Piano Concert   |   11/22/2015

CJC Music School Presents...
Concert will be held on Feb 1, 2009 (Sun)
Englewood in NJ at 6:00p.m.

2008 Spring Student Concert 2008   |   11/22/2015

May 18 Sunday 4:00~7:00PM
138 W Palisases Ave., Englewood, NJ 07631
T. 201.840.8824


Let's create music together

Registration is available throughout the year